What we do

Mergers and Acquisitions

We provide trusted advice to our clients on some of their most important strategic decisions and transactions. At SSC Advisors, our expertise is deeply rooted in the cannabis industry, making us a trusted partner for our clients' most critical M&A endeavors.

We pride ourselves on guiding clients through every stage of the M&A journey - from evaluating strategic alternatives and assessing potential acquirers and targets to providing in-depth valuation analyses. Whether it's company sales, divestitures, acquisitions, or joint ventures, our hands-on approach ensures clients navigate these waters with confidence.

Our independence ensures that our advice, whether to Boards of Directors or Special Committees, is straightforward and focused solely on our client's needs.

Special Committee Assignments

The demands of Special Committees are unique, requiring both depth of experience and a keen insight. With a solid foundation in cannabis-related transactions, SSC Advisors offers Special Committees a rigorous decision-making framework. Our approach is multi-dimensional, weighing not just value and governance, but also the intricate dynamics of various stakeholders.

At every step, we underscore our commitment to confidentiality and discretion, ensuring that our clients are equipped to make informed decisions in even the most complex situations.

Independent Valuation

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the cannabis industry, accurate valuation is paramount. Our team, a blend of seasoned cannabis Investment Bankers and ex-leading cannabis Equity Research Analysts, is uniquely positioned to provide precise valuation insights for a diverse range of cannabis ventures. Our expertise covers a spectrum - from tech-focused startups to mature plant-touching entities.

We provide third party independent valuation reports to management and Boards of Directors to support critical business development and strategic decisions. Our comprehensive reports are grounded in robust data, and include detailed valuation analysis down to the specific market and asset level.

SSC Advisors does not provide Fairness Opinions.

Go-Public Strategy and Execution

Transitioning to the public market is a defining step, especially in the cannabis industry, and SSC Advisors expertise ensures that this transition is both strategic and smooth. Having played a pivotal role in guiding numerous private operators into the public domain, we provide clear guidance on vital elements like capital structuring, valuation, and the creation of compelling institutional marketing materials.

In a complex and ever-evolving cannabis public market landscape, we focus on optimal positioning for our clients, ensuring they not only navigate but also excel in the public arena.

Restructuring Services

Every business encounters challenges that can test its financial and operational stability. At SSC Advisors, we specialize in transforming these challenges into opportunities with our bespoke restructuring solutions, built for the cannabis industry. By partnering closely with companies, lenders, and stakeholders, we craft strategies for revitalization, whether through business enhancement, simplification, or divestment.

SSC has an extensive rolodex of qualified restructuring professionals that we partner with to bolster our offering with boots-on-the-ground operational expertise, at times filling the role of Chief Restructuring Officer.